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Monday, October 24, 2011

:: Dugaan ::

Assalamualaikum and hai semua..
seriously tyme make a new post on this blog i'm not happy.
cause what? i dun noe la.
myb cause i get many prob to face.
seriously i'm not strong to handle it.
what the prob?
i think bout carrier. i think bout my life. bout family. ohh
many things that i want should to settle it.
semua beban ats bahu aku. Dugaan yg ALLAH beri terlalu byk.
sampikan aku xmampu nk tanggung.
memang aku kne terima semua nie tapi nth la.
aku xkuat mcm dlu.
boleh tempuh semua sendiri but now what happen to me?
seriously i'm not like before.
strong girl can face any prob. can smile can laugh if have prob but 
now it's difference.
now i can smile but deep inside my heart only God noe what happen to me.
myb before this if i sick,have prob,i have my friends (miya,ika,hajar,ekin,iena,nana)
but now i dun have them.
i only have my boyfie to hear my prob and give me some advise.
seriously i cry.
much of cry in my life.
sometimes i feel want die cause want run from this prob.

p/s :: Ya Allah Kau Tenang Kan La Hati Ku. Kuat Kan La Iman Ku. Kuat Kan La Diriku Utk Tempuh Dugaan Yg Kau Beri Ini. Sesungguhnya Aku Tak Kuat Ya Allah. Aku Hamba Mu Yg Sgt Kerdil. Berikan La Diriku Taufik & Hidayah Mu. Amin.. :'(

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