fff CeritaDuniaSiWawa: March 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Will Wait You For A Thousand Years

i have died everyday waiting for you
darling don't be afraid i have loved you
for a thousand years
i love you for a thousand more

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Please Smile. But I Can't.

no matter what happened i will try to smile but only my face can see the smile not in my deep heart.
i try to happy but i can't. when i laugh is not mean i really happy. it's false.
but i still try. and try. :)


please make me happy. i don't want cry again. i begging u.  :'(

Monday, March 5, 2012

Senyap ~~

hai kawan2 lame kan aku tak updated blog. 
yess i'm a little bit busy.
busy ke? yes busy pikir kehdupan yang akan aku lalui hari demi hari yag penuh dengan kesakitan.

yess aku terus terang aku alami tekanan hidup yang sangat kuat sebab ape?

1) penat pikir keje.

2) hari2 gaduh dengan en.boyfie sebab?
nak sebab ape?
kami akan gaduh sebab kami da lama tak jumpe.
hurmm ~~

itu la yang aku alami selama nie. asyik gaduh je taw tak. penat sangat da. sayang memang sayang tapi aku ada perasaan. ye aku taw dye busy coz study but i want him spend tyme for a while with me.
i want share with him what happen to me everyday. share the problem like before. but i know i didn't get the past memories like before. serious i'm very upset with you sayang. but please trust me i love you like before. care bout you. i will with you. if you sick i'm here. when you sad i/m here. when you have problem i'm here to hear u'r problem. 

seriously deep inside my heart i really miss u. miss the moment with you sayang. yes we argue everyday & 24 hours. it's because we not see for a long time. you know me like what right. i afraid to lose you. i hope u know what i feel now. if you read this entry i hope you think what i talk about. i really love you. don't want lose you. i hope you too like me. please come back to me like before. i begging you sayang. :'(

 i miss this moment sayang. hope you feel what i feel. 

( 10 months sayang we not meet. i feel so miss you badly.)