fff CeritaDuniaSiWawa: Please Smile. But I Can't.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Please Smile. But I Can't.

no matter what happened i will try to smile but only my face can see the smile not in my deep heart.
i try to happy but i can't. when i laugh is not mean i really happy. it's false.
but i still try. and try. :)


please make me happy. i don't want cry again. i begging u.  :'(


  1. u can..smpai bila nak mcm ni..?? kmu kne berdiri atas kaki kamu sndri..kawan2 msih ade dgn kamu syg..jgn trlalu pk bnda yg x pasti..itu yg buat awk x kuat..juz pk Allah ade dgn awk


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