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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Already Done My Greetings Card For You All..

yup.. i already done my greeting card for all my FBians  friends.
i will upload as soon as possible before raya day.. and also were tagged to you all my friends just wait oke..hee..this greetings card from me & my muncet.. :) so agk xcantik la sy edit.. but my muncet say cantek & kretif.. yela 2 kn.. hee.. pilih pye pilih cork greeting card rye nie tercipta la 2 card rye.. xtaw mne 1 sy nk plih..so engt nk upload 2 2 leh x/ tamak nye ko nie wawa pilih 1 da la.. da la ramai ko nk tagged.. haha.. pdn mke ko.. xpe2 sy akn slow tagged kt sume FBians yg sy knl.. & yg sy syg.. hee :) especially to all my CUCST friends.. miss u all la.. hope kite sume dpt wat gathering sme2 k.. n meet2 la.. :)oke now meh kite tgk greeting card rye yg sy wat 2..mne 1 yg cntik kn? hurmmm

nie yg 1st sy wat..agk2 cantik x? hee :)
meh kite tgk yg 2nd lak..

oke nie yg 2nd.. agk2 kowgmne yg cntik di mate & dekt di hati sume.

oke t as soon as possible sy upload & akn wat aktiviti mengetagged kt kamoo sume oke..
arious .. much of love from me wawa :)

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